Advertising Agency “RegionMediaMarket” is operating on the Georgian market since 2011. Today, its long list of business partners is consisted by Georgia’s medium and large corporations and financial organizations. We are the most flexible institution to assimilate the Georgian Regional Market.

Regionmediamarket is t he most comfortable and cheap communication channel with the residents of Georgia’s districts and regions. 23 regional TV Company, 10 regional radio station, 17 regional   press publishers and 15 regional web portals are presenting an unique platform for you to deliver the exact message to over 2500000  Regional residents in Georgia.

Regionmediamarket’s partners are functioning at local level at specific districts and regions of Georgia. Advertisements which are placed to local media are seen by the population as a product which is made for them and is distinguished by high degree of reliability, because regional media content is made on the local interests and specifics and this kind of media product, on the central level, has no alternative.

Why Regionmediamarket?

5 basic reason to work with us:

  1. Experience and expertise: we know, in details, the specifics of the media content of every our partner, the area of distribution and the features of the target audience. It allows us to identify and effectively plan your advertising campaign’s media alternatives and the exact target audience.
  2. Flexible and comfortable to work with: When cooperating with us, you avoid the regional media market’s diversity features and the paper work, you save time and personnel resources. You order and we make t happen, for the purposes of the advertising campaign we can rapidly change the quantity and the specifics of your order.
  3. Effective monitoring system: Regularly, detailed media plans and the commercials timing unit accurate accounting reports. This way you have precise control of your advertising campaign.
  4. A simple way of commercial production: If you do not want to spend a large amount on your commercial video production, even more if you need different types of commercial video for different regions, considering the specifics of regions we offer you the production of commercial videos at the lowest price.
  5. Guaranteed low price: Our Company has an exclusive 10 year contract with major media partners. We will plan a commercial campaign of your desire, you have the freedom to check and compare the prices on the market and doing so you will see that you have given from us the lowest price guaranteed.