“Regionmediamarket” which also owns advertising times in regional media of Georgia will motivate the Businesses which are operating in Georgia to promote their products in Ukraine’s advertisements market.  

“Our cooperation will continue in the field of advertising, the company “Regionmediamarket” plans to supply the Ukrainian company “Agenstvo PR Batteries” with the advertising proposals of the Georgian business sector,” is written in the memorandum which the Director of “Regionmediamarket” Levan Aleksishvili and the General Director of the Ukrainian company “Агентсво PR Batteries” Roman Medinsky have signed.

“This is a new opportunity for Georgian business which are operating in the Ukrainian market and which are going to enter in the future, because of this cooperation” Regionmediamarket “will have special promotional conditions for the interested business in the Ukrainian market. In my opinion all the businesses will be interested with our proposals especially those which are operating in Georgian tourism industry. Says; the director of Ltd “Regionmediamarket” Levan Aleksishvili.

The friendship between Georgian and Ukrainian people is well known, for us and for our company this is a perfect opportunity to support the entrance of the Georgian Businesses in the Ukraine’s advertising market vice versa. The Ukrainian people are interesting to visit Georgia and with this cooperation they will have the opportunity to plan their vacations comfortable from here. Says; Roman Medisinski, General Director of “Агентсво PR Batteries”.

Axali shetavazeba samsheneblo kompaniebistvis

The program was created for the construction development and household appliances manufacturer companies. Rubric “Designer” recommends companies under this profile and guides the to deliver the right information to the people about their innovations and ongoing processes. For farther information , please contact us.


Cooperation Memorandum was signed between Azerbaijani and Georgian regional TV Broadcasters. The Georgian side was presented by the sales agency of the Georgian regional TV channels “Regionmediamarket” and the Azerbaijani side was presented by” ARB SHEKI TV MEDYA GROUP“company which incorporates 9 regional Azerbaijani TV Broadcasters and one Radio Station.

The Cooperation would involve the opening of the Azerbaijani media sales house in Georgia and the opening of an office which will represent the Georgian regional TV Broadcasters in Baku.

This platform, will allow Georgian Businessmen’s to increase the sales of their goods in Azerbaijan

“Today we signed a memorandum, which will increase even more the business cooperation between two countries. Until today “Regionmediamarket” was implementing the sales of Georgian regional broadcasters, magtisat and the Georgian national TV channels. Since today the company will proceed to the sales of Azerbaijani TV broadcasters in Georgia. This will give the Georgian businessmen’s the opportunity to increase the popularity of Georgian product in Azerbaijan and to attract customers form the neighboring state.  For its part the” ARB SHEKI TV MEDYA GROUP“company will provide the sales of the Georgian TV broadcasters in Azerbaijan, which will increase investments from Azerbaijan to Georgian commercial market.  Said by, Levan Alexishvili Ceo and Owner of the “Regionmediamarket” company.

“Today was signed, for us, a very important memorandum. In Azerbaijan there is a high demand for Medical and Tourism directions. I believe that this service belongs to companies under this profile. Our representatives in Georgia “Regionmediamarket” company will help Georgian businessmen’s to have correct positioning in the media of Azerbaijan. Said by Rashad Mamedov General Director of „ARB SHEKI TV MEDYA GROUP“.

„ARB SEKI“ is one of the biggest media holding in Azerbaijan, which incorporates 9 Regional Azerbaijani TV Broadcasters and 1 Radio Station. ARB Kepez, ARB Aran, ARB Simal, ARB Cenubи.

“Regionmediamarket” has more than five years experience on the commercial market. The company incorporates 23 regional TV broadcasters, 10 radio broadcasters, 17 press publishers and 15 regional web portals. The company has active cooperation with national TV Stations in the area of Advertisement. The company is an exclusive partner of the Magti plus channels in terms of commercial market.



Regionmediamarket has become an exclusive partner of Magticom, as a result of that you’ll have the unique opportunity to advertise your products throw magti+ channels (magti kino, magti hit and chveni magti) . for more information see “products”